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Dog Training Seminars and Workshops

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Agility Seminar with Laura Dolan

March 30th, 2019

Masters & Intermediate sessions

While competing with one of her dogs in an obedience competition in 1995, Laura and her husband came across an agility competition and have been hooked ever since. She’s had the privilege to be taught by four amazing dogs, including her first dog, a Shetland Sheepdog named Willie, who started agility at the age of 7. In addition to Race, Laura has competed as a member of the AKC/USA World Team with two other dogs.

Agility Seminar with Soshana Dos

April 20th & 21st, 2019

Auditing slots still available!

Soshana loves teaching agility and is skilled at communicating complex handling maneuvers as well as explaining the theory and fundamentals behind the handling method. Soshana advocates a dog-friendly, positive-reinforcement training style and strives to promote a fun and healthy learning environment for all handlers and their dogs.

Constantly trying to augment her knowledge and increase her skill as a trainer, handler, and teacher, Soshana aspires to stay in the foreground of a constantly evolving sport. She encourages her students to think creatively, take risks, and to believe in themselves and their dogs.

Obedience Seminar with Petra Ford

April 27th & 28th, 2019

Is your dog giving you a lackluster performance in the obedience ring? A conditioned dog will demonstrate an increase in energy, drive, focus and stamina!  Many problems in obedience can be improved with sport specific strengthening, body awareness and coordination exercises.

Discover the secrets that led Petra Ford and her Labrador Retriever, Tyler, to two back to back National Obedience Championships and the only American team to ever win the Crufts World Cup.

You will learn sports specific exercises to:

  • Strengthen your dog's sit which influences fronts, finishes, halts, stays
  • Improve your dog's hind end awareness influencing left turns, inside of figure 8, fronts and finishes
  • Stabilize and strengthen your dog's stand (stand for exam, signals) and down (drop on recall, signal down)
  • Improve your dog's jumping style and confidence

Windsprite Specialty

September 28th, 2019

Conformation, Agility, Rally, Straight Racing

Even if you don't have a Windsprite, you will enjoy watching this interesting breed! Windsprites (formerly known as Longhaired Whippets) are a delightful, small, coated sighthound. You'll love seeing them in action.

Dog Aggression Seminar with Michael Shikashio

May 2nd & 3rd, 2020

Yes! 2020! As one of fewer than 200 Certified Dog Behavior Consultants in the entire world, Michael is a highly sought-after presenter. His seminars fill up very quickly, so plan ahead and don't miss this great opportunity!

Weekly Run Throughs

Be ready for your next event!

  • Thursdays - Obedience Run Throughs  2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.  ($20 for two hours or $6 per run through)
  • Fridays  - Agility Run Throughs 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.  ($20 for two hours or $6 per run through)


Workshops in the Works

Pedestal Workshop

New dates to be announced.

Build focus, drive and precision. A great way to foster confidence and relaxation in your dog.

Wag It Games Seminar

Training Fun for Everyone and Every Dog!

New dates to be announced.

Instructor: Sumac Grant-Johnson, Wag It Games Founder & CPDT-KA

From Puppy to Senior Dogs, New and Experienced Dog Owners

Enhance training skills, focus, and relationship.

Build Confidence, motivation and impulse control

Seminar Activity Sample:

Obstacle skills: hoops, bridges, tunnels, ladders, mats, cones, scooter. Shadow skills: Heeling fun incorporating turns, spins & side changes. Push It Games: Dominos, tube rolling, easy buttons, bowling. Scent games: find it and search games.

No Wag It Games experienced required. Handlers and Dogs should be familiar with verbal mark and reward or clicker training. Dogs should be able to work comfortably in a room with other dogs. (Not for reactive dogs)

This workshop is taught 100% with positive compassionate methods and FUN!

Come When Called! The Recall Workshop

New dates to be announced.

Two day workshop to improve your dog's recall. Get real world practice and training with distractions. Enrollment is for both days.

Canine Conditioning Coach Workshop

New dates to be announced.

Become a certified Canine Conditioning Coach, helping dogs overcome challenges and flourish as they learn targeted exercises, focus, and active problem-solving. A unique opportunity to work in-person with Kyra Sundance, world-renowned trainer and author. Read more...

Amanda Shyne Weave Pole Workshop

New dates to be announced.

Work with Amanda Shyne from Data Driven Agility. This full day Weave Pole Workshop will help you and your dog!

Canine Fitness and Conditioning

New dates to be announced.

Work with Certified Canine Fitness Trainer and Fitpaws Master Trainer Deniece Johnson to learn how to improve your dogs flexibility, strength, stamina, and mental welfare.

Loose Leash Walking

New dates to be announced.

Spend two afternoons working on your dog's loose leash walking skills. Get practical real life advice and techniques to work on how to get and keep your dog's attention on the walk. 

Disc Dog Workshop!

Learn all about the exciting sport of disc dog.

Dates to be announced

Good Mojo University is excited to host Laura Campbell from and her Disc Dog Worshop!

This clinic will cover the basics of how to get your dog started playing disc and information about competition games. We will focus on teaching your dog to chase, catch and retrieve the disc consistently, throwing basics for you, building and harnessing your dog’s drive, and how to introduce multiple discs into your game. Strong emphasis will be placed on safety and building strong foundation skills that will allow you advance your training and enjoy the game for years to come.