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Board and Train

Behavioral training while your dog is boarding with us

Board and Train is a program available for very busy people who want a well-behaved dog but do not have the time to invest to do it themselves.  Leave your dog with us, and we will train them for you!

Board and Train is a program that can be utilized by dogs who are boarding or doing daycare at Good Mojo.  This program has 3 vital parts:

  • Initial Consultation meeting.  Your initial consultation will be held with one of our trainers to discuss your training goals for your dog.  Packages of manners skills have been created to address common training requests.  The initial consultation will quote for you how long we estimate it will take to train the packages, or other training requests, to your specific dog.  Our goal is to train a skill that will last a lifetime, so our training time estimates will reflect the time it will take to proof these skills in real life situations.  (Price of consult is $75)
  • In center and out of center training for your dog.  Our trainers will spend a minimum of 90 minutes per day over multiple training sessions working on behaviors with your dog.  These training sessions will occur in Good Mojo Dog Center, Good Mojo University, dog friendly local businesses, and dog friendly public spaces.  Our goal is to make sure your dog will consistently perform the skills we teach in multiple environments.  (Price varies, to be quoted at Initial Consult meeting.)
  • Transfer Meeting with you and your dog.  At the end of the Board and Train experience, we will meet with you for a minimum of 1 hour to show you what your dog has learned, and to show you how to get these new behaviors consistently from your dog.  (Price for this meeting included in Board and Train price.)

Board and Train Manners Packages:

Basic Manners

  • Skills Taught to Beginner Level Proficiency  (Consistent response on first cue.  No lures needed.)
    • Sit
    • Down
    • Stand
    • Stay   (Goal behavior is 60 second stay from distance of 10 feet)
    • Come  (Goal behavior is on leash recall at 20 feet past distractions)
    • Loose Leash Walk  (With intermediate distraction)
    • Wait at doors and in car

Intermediate Manners

  • Skills Taught to Intermediate Level Proficiency
    • All skills taught in Basic Manners Package plus:
      • Stay (Goal behavior is 3 minutes with varied distances of handler)
      • Come (Goal behavior is off leash in fenced yard or indoor training space past toys, food, other distractions)
      • Loose Leash Walk (Goal behavior is loose leash amidst heavy distractions and other dogs.  Trips to pet supply stores with loose leash by trainer.)
      • Leave it (Goal behavior is leaving any object cued to leave it)

Polite Dog Package

  • Skills taught to Advanced Proficiency
    • All skills taught Basic and Intermediate Manners Packages plus:
      • Heel  (Goal behavior is to heel at off leash level, but have leash on as insurance) 
        Heel behavior includes:
        – Consistent eye contact during heel
        – Back up
        – Conditioned sits when stopped
        – Practice in public spaces, local pet stores, in presence of other dogs and distractions
      • Stay (Goal behavior is 5 minute out of sight stay)
      • Come  (Heavy proofing on come, goal behavior is on long line in public spaces past heavy distraction and Leave It items)
      • Polite greetings with humans and other dogs  (Goal behavior is to sit politely during greetings)
    • American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen test scheduled with you and your dog after your Transfer Meeting with your trainer.  Passing certification for CGC not guaranteed, as the test must be fairly administered.  Cost of test, and any necessary retests, however, are covered in the Board and Train package.

All Board and Train behaviors are taught by Good Mojo University trainers utilizing positive reinforcement and force free methods.  Dogs will be rewarded with treats (allergies to foods must be clearly communicated at Initial Consult), toys, play and affection.  No corrective or punitive collars or other training aids will be utilized.

Every dog learns at their own pace.  The goal of our Initial Consult Meeting is to evaluate how quickly we feel we can train, proof, and condition new behaviors for your dog.  Results are not guaranteed, as your dog may progress quicker or more slowly than anticipated.  If your dog is significantly behind our estimated schedule for progress, we will communicate this to you during their Board and Train.  If your dog progresses quicker than our estimated training schedule, we will teach additional manners behaviors and relay that to your at your Transfer Meeting.

Progress for our Board and Train dogs will be provided via video clips of training sessions on Facebook at least twice per week.

Board and Train dogs must attend either Daycare or Boarding for 7 consecutive days for consistency in training sessions during their work with the trainers.  The cost one week of Board and Train is $700 in addition to the cost of Daycare or Boarding.  The cost for two consecutive weeks is $1350 (plus Daycare or Boarding).  Each additional consecutive week reduces in price by $50.  Non-consecutive weeks revert back to the original weekly price, as we will have to do additional training for the lost time between training sessions.

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