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About Good Mojo University

Deniece Johnson, owner

I grew up working in barns and volunteering at the local SPCA, it was clear a future with animals was in the cards for me. In college I went down the veterinary path and decided the clinical setting was not the right fit for me. I wanted to spend more time with each individual animal and their owners. I was struck by the lack of information clients had in the veterinary office about behavior. It was clear how much the owners ability to communicate with their dog affected how their dog behaved. After seeing one-too-many dogs being euthanized for bad behavior, I made decision to get out of the veterinary path in college. Behavior was what interested me. "Dog trainer" was, however, not something most pet dog owners had heard of at the time. Animal training used to be reserved only for service or working dogs.

That was (ahem) a few years ago. Today there is a much better understanding in the general public about behavior and the need for training your dog. After all, they don't come to us knowing how to live in our world.

Today pet dogs are living more full, robust lives. They are more socialized than ever. It is clear owners understand the vital role they play in their pets' lives and their ability to be successful in our society. Our job is to be kind, clear, and consistent about what we expect from our dogs. When we can do this we have an enthusiastic, happy and well mannered member of the family! I am so thrilled to be able to help dogs and their families find harmony! That is what "Good Mojo" is all about.