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Dog Training Workshops

Kyra Sundance is coming to New Hampshire!

Games & Canine Conditioning Workshop

September 20, 2017

Canine Conditioning encompasses five areas of physical and mental fitness:
• Confidence
• Strength
• Coordination
• Focus
• Ability to Follow Directions

Featuring all new material, world-renowned trainer Kyra Sundance introduces you to activities which build each of these important life skills. Learn innovative ways to work with props such as hoops, balls, FitPAWS inflatables, and Klimb pedestals. (a full set of props supplied for every student).

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Workshops in the Works!

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Recall Workshop

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What could be better than having your dog come when called? Having fun practicing!
Enrollment is for both days Saturday and Sunday.

Wag It Games Seminar

Training Fun for Everyone and Every Dog!

Instructor: Sumac Grant-Johnson, Wag It Games Founder & CPDT-KA

From Puppy to Senior Dogs, New and Experienced Dog Owners

Enhance training skills, focus, and relationship.

Build Confidence, motivation and impulse control

Seminar Activity Sample:

Obstacle skills: hoops, bridges, tunnels, ladders, mats, cones, scooter. Shadow skills: Heeling fun incorporating turns, spins & side changes. Push It Games: Dominos, tube rolling, easy buttons, bowling. Scent games: find it and search games.

No Wag It Games experienced required. Handlers and Dogs should be familiar with verbal mark and reward or clicker training. Dogs should be able to work comfortably in a room with other dogs. (Not for reactive dogs)

This workshop is taught 100% with positive compassionate methods and FUN!

Disc Dog Workshop!

Learn all about the exciting sport of disc dog.

Good Mojo University is excited to host Laura Campbell from and her Disc Dog Worshop!

This clinic will cover the basics of how to get your dog started playing disc and information about competition games. We will focus on teaching your dog to chase, catch and retrieve the disc consistently, throwing basics for you, building and harnessing your dog’s drive, and how to introduce multiple discs into your game. Strong emphasis will be placed on safety and building strong foundation skills that will allow you advance your training and enjoy the game for years to come.